Thursday, January 24, 2013


The days are just zipping by, yet at the same time they feel like they're standing still. Every other time I've had to move into a new apartment, it all happened within a few days. This time, I've had about a month and a half to do it, and have managed to rent an apartment in Tucson so it'll be waiting for me to start moving my stuff in. Having that much's started to feel kind of unreal. I've been trapped by my own financial situation in this town for over twenty years, then to suddenly have a way out, then have to wait so long for moving's easy to forget that it's actually happening.

At one point today I suddenly realized, Six more days. Well, technically it's seven, but since I'm hitting the road immediately after breakfast on the last day, I'm not counting that. So, six days to finish packing, take care of a few final things like canceling my post office box and whatnot, and rent the U-Haul truck. I've been packing a bit every day so it won't have to be done all at once, but a lot of my stuff can't be moved until I actually load it onto the truck, like the bed and tables and my desk. But that's all big stuff, so it won't take long to move.

And in between everything else, I try to get a bit of writing done. Right now my focus is a serialized story I've had going for quite a while, Elsewhere. I ran into a rather bad case of writer's block on it and haven't updated it in almost a year, so I'm trying to get back into it by revising the first few chapters and hoping that'll break through my mental blockage. I've also decided to try an experiment with it, and put it up on Amazon's Kindle Direct platform to see if I can bring in a little extra money, since I'll need it while I'm job-hunting. I'm putting each installment up on Amazon for 99 cents each. Got four "episodes" up so far (linked on the right) and a fifth on the way. Had a draft of the sixth one done, but it's pretty short; I'd started working on the seventh a while back, but will end up combining them so it'll be a decent-sized chunk of story.

Also, I'm hoping that putting them up for sale will help me impose a deadline on myself so I'll finally get back into a writing routine. I'm hoping I'll be able to get one installment posted per month (if not sooner). The first five, since they were already written, I decided to put up ASAP, so they'll already be up before I spend three days moving and however much longer to get done all the other stuff I'll need to do, like getting an Arizona driver's licence.

I'm contemplating ideas for some other writing-related stuff to put on Amazon, as well. Whatever job I end up getting in Tucson will likely be part-time for the foreseeable future, and wherever it is I'll most likely be starting over at the bottom, so I'll need a way to supplement my income. And, honestly, the ideal situation for me would be to make enough money writing to get by with my novels and stories serving as my only source of income. The last twenty years of working in fast food and then retail came alarmingly close to driving me off the deep end, so I really would very much like to not put myself in that situation ever again.

Probably won't work out, but you never know until you try, right? If nothing else, giving this a shot might at least get me started writing more than just one chapter of a novel every six months or more.

Anyway, more on all of that as it develops....

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