Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Back up and running

After three months and a lot of frustration, my computer is back among the living. Had to replace the power supply, then the motherboard, then the power supply again because the new one I'd just bought was a dud. The motherboard and processor have a tendency to heat up more than they should, so as soon as I can afford it, I need to buy a better fan for the CPU. But for now, it's working and no longer having the shutdown problem it had just before the power supply blew up.

Couple nights ago I made my first Let's Play video in three months, and I think I managed to be a little funnier in this one. A little livelier. But I'm still having the occasional brainfart, like near the end, when a SWAT tank launched into the air and I made a comment about a wheelie. Obviously, that's not a wheelie. No idea why I said that, other than a moment of cranial flatulence. O_o

Anyway, here's the video.