Sunday, July 28, 2013

A little blast from the past

Got an idea for a fairly large-ish post, prompted by an exchange on my FanStory profile page...but it would require reading and commenting on a bunch of posts on Ray Comfort's Facebook page. I tried reading a few of them, but after the first three, I felt the creases in my brain start to smooth out, and I had to stop. I might have to do this research in small doses, but I'll get it done. I came up with a perfect title for the post, and don't want to let it go to waste. So, that's something that'll come up later. Probably.

Been trying to upload the last Let's Play of Saints Row: The Third for the last several days, and it keeps stalling. The farthest it got was 31%...and it stayed at 31% for over ten hours before I gave up. I'm trying it again, but if this keeps up, I might end up converting the file into a smaller format to see if that makes any difference.

Now, to the little blast from the past. I was browsing through my MP3 collection and found something I hadn't listened to in a while. It was an excerpt from The Rick Emerson Show a few years ago, which I'd saved because it was so damn funny. The host decided to retire from podcasting about a year and a half ago, which is a shame. I miss his show.

But here's the MP3 I found...The Monkey-Faced Pig.

And if you're wondering what they're talking's a visual aid:

You're welcome.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Site update

Just a quick note here. I updated the page on my website with my "Let's Play" videos of Saints Row: The Third. All episodes are on the page except the final one, which I tried to upload several times, but it keeps stalling. Sooner or later, I'll get it to work.

I also added a new page with several short videos of amusing stuff and things going completely haywire during gameplay.

And finally, coming soon, a series of gameplay-commentary videos of my character and several supporting characters cruising around the city and taking on gang operations and "Survival" activities. It'll be called... Hard on Crime. Hah.