Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Hookerrific!

Finally getting back to posting videos. This one's another in my series of delivery stories, On the Road:

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Opportunity potentially knocking, here

Well, here's an interesting little development. A while back, Amazon started doing this thing called Kindle Worlds, which is basically fanfiction that's been licensed for sale. I looked into it when I first heard about it, and didn't care for the way it's set up--if I'm not misunderstanding this, characters and plots you create become the property of the rights holders, who can use them without compensating you beyond the royalties you get from each story sale. While I wouldn't want that happening with Chula or other characters I've created, I figure if I go into it with this in mind, I'll be okay with it if it means bringing in a little extra money.
The whole time, there weren't any "worlds" that I was at all interested in writing for...until now. Just a few days ago, they added ​GI Joe to their list. O_o ​I remember loving the show when I was a kid, but I recently tried to watch it, and...eh, it was terrible. Couldn't even sit through an entire episode. Today I hit Netflix and tried again, just to refresh my memory...and it was still fucking awful. However, I decided to give GI Joe: Renegades a try, and it's actually not bad at all. It's watchable, at least. That, and the Resolute movie a few years ago, written by Warren Ellis, are right up my alley.
So I figured I'd give it a shot. Sounds like fun, and it might be a chance to bring in a few extra dollars, which I need now that I have a job that pays only $5/hour for most of each shift.
I did a little brainstorming this afternoon, and came up with a few characters and a basic premise. Since the guidelines encourage authors to explore various genres, I thought I'd go for a futuristic kind of thing with cyberpunk/postcyberpunk elements. AI, cyborgs, bioengineering, that kind of stuff. It's set in the near future, so most of the characters from the show will be retired, nearing retirement, or have shuffled off. Cobra was finally stopped and is long-forgotten by this point, and the Joe team moved on to other things a long time ago. This story will focus on a sort of "lower decks" team--people who were at the bottom of the ranks, having joined just before the team disbanded, and weren't particularly notable. But now, a new threat is arising, the old team's highest-ranking personnel have been taken out or have simply disappeared, and only a few newbies are left to take up the fight.
I thought it might be fun to see what might happen with a team that's not necessarily the "best of the best," but are just the best of what's left, and see them grow into their new roles.
For the characters, I came up with some basics....
Team leader--Colonel Lydia Castillo (Codename "Boss"...more of a nickname, really--I'll see if I can think up something less lame ;) ... highest-ranking former Joe still at large.
Veronika Schofield ("Gunslinger") ... weapons and combat specialist.
Jasmine Miyoko ("Diamondback") ... engineer/tech expert. Genetic experiment produced in Cobra lab; 20-foot-long snake-anthro with four arms (similar to a couple other characters I created for other stories...heh, I just think it's a cool character design, so I'm getting some mileage out of the idea XD)
Shenna Vangelos ("Captain Cleavage") ... infiltration expert/procurement specialist. Has a talent for distracting people with her "assets" and ending up exactly where she needs to be.
Avril Belmont ("Deltoid") ... heavy hitter with huge muscles. Doesn't like to use weapons, but that doesn't mean she's not any good at it.
Monty Bancroft ("Shadow Ninja") ... hacker ... awkward teenager with some minor cybernetic enhancements, who just kind of gets caught up in things.
Some details may change as I flesh this thing out, and a lot of it I'll be working out as I write. But this is the general idea for now. Might end up becoming a series.
Working title--"Reactivated"...
So, yay, now I have one more thing to juggle. But at least there's a chance I can make some money with this, if it's accepted.