Saturday, July 12, 2014

New character profile: Kolya Mason

Last night, I did some more thinking about the character I talked about in the previous post. Inspired by the screenshot below, I came up with the following quick bio in about half an hour.

Kolya Mason

Age 29

Named after mother's best friend, Anastasia Kolya. Originally named Anastasia Mason, wanted her name changed when she was a child because Kolya "sounds cooler."

Part-time mechanic, part-time tech expert, part-time smuggler, part-time pilot, part-time driver, part-time hired gun, part-time archaeologist...part-time whatever the moment requires.

Full-time adventurer.

Former beauty pageant winner and supermodel. Career ended after she was badly burned in an explosion at age 21. Left side of her face is all scarred up, and she's blind in her left eye. After recovering, she adjusted to the disfigurement and set out to start a new life. Thankful to have survived, doesn't hold any anger/resentment/bitterness over accident. Still able-bodied. Sees survival as a second chance at life, and is determined to make the most of it.

Convinced herself that being a model, wearing fancy clothing and being photographed all day/every day, would've been boring. Wanted to live a life of adventure, experience everything life has to offer, explore the galaxy, see things that no one has ever seen. Began hitchhiking on starships, trading whatever services for passage to next destination, eager to learn ship's engines, computer systems, etc. Is on the way to becoming a jack-of-all-trades.

Personality-wise...well-adjusted, good-natured, healthy but sometimes snarky sense of humor. Loves trying new things and traveling to new places. Usually doesn't let setbacks get the better of her. When hurt, usually just walks it off and keeps going. Smart, street-wise, picks new information up quickly. Intuitive, often works things out quickly from little clues here and there. Total badass, but usually doesn't act like one. Sometimes uses her scarred-up face to intimidate people when necessary, having learned that people assume the scars mean she's dangerous or threatening. Doesn't look for fights, but doesn't shy away from them when they happen. Her sense of humor sometimes spills over into fights, and she screws around with opponents just for a quick laugh.

She's more concerned about being blind in one eye than what she looks like. Wants to earn enough money to pay for a cybernetic eye, but given her adventurer lifestyle, she can't get medical companies to insure her. Hasn't decided what kind of eye to get--one that looks natural, or one that's weird or has a funny symbol in place of iris/pupil, such as a smiley face, just because she thinks it's amusing.

Physically...tall, athletic, breasts on the small side. Long, black hair kept in a ponytail most of the time, with two long locks of hair hanging over each side of her forehead, anime-style. Good eye is bright green, damaged eye is white. Scars covering the entire left side of her face, like a thousand miles of bad road. Some scarring on the same side of her neck, shoulder, upper arm, and thigh. Also has other, more minor wounds from injuries, accidents, and fights--including a row of puncture marks on her right ass cheek from a pitchfork.

Has only one regret in life, so far: "Woulda been nice if I'd been standing a little farther away from that blast. Haha."

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