Thursday, July 3, 2014

Progress on "Reactivated"

Life has kept me too busy lately to post regular updates here, but I'm still cranking away on the half-dozen stories and books I'm working on. I'm currently on chapter six of Reactivated, the GI Joe fic for Kindle Worlds that I've mentioned before. It's been pretty action-packed so far, but the scene I just finished is quieter, making for a nice break in the tension.

How about a snippet of dialogue?

"We'll get to the bottom of this, I promise. Too many people have lost friends and family today."
Monty nodded. After the silence stretched out a few more seconds, he glanced up at her. "You lose anybody else?"
"A coworker and very close friend named Marvin. Most of the time, we worked together in the shop under our headquarters. He was our mechanic and I'm the tech expert--mostly computers and other gadgets, software and hardware both. We were a pretty good team."
"I'm sorry. You must really miss him."
"Yeah. He was a nice guy. Great sense of humor." Diamondback laughed softly. "He was always eating this frosted mini-wheat cereal. Loved the stuff. Problem was, it made him fart all the time. I mean, constantly."
Monty snickered.
"I always considered myself lucky because the shop was such a huge, open space. In an enclosed space like this room, we probably wouldn't be able to breathe."
Monty shook his head. "Wow."
"But it kept us laughing all the time." Diamondback shrugged. "Farting is hilarious. Except when I do it. The way my body is designed, my asshole is on my front side, so if I rip ass, it's right under my nose."
Monty burst out laughing.
"If I ate the way Marv did, I would've killed myself with my own flatus. But at least I would've died laughing."
Monty took a cautious breath and grinned. "Thanks. I needed that."
"Heh. So did I." She patted his shoulder. "I'm sorry we didn't meet a long time ago. I think we could've been good friends."
"Well, we still can." He smiled.

As far as word count, it just passed 19,000. Heh, I'm having too much fun with this. XD

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