Monday, July 28, 2014


I'm about to begin work on Chapter 9 of Game Over, and started thinking about sending it to actual publishers when the final draft is finished, instead of sticking it on Kindle Direct. I'll probably end up putting it on the Kindle anyway because I need to get it out there to sell as quickly as possible thanks to my increasingly terrifying financial situation. But I spent a few minutes checking around for sites, magazines, and publishers who accept novella-length works.

And I stumbled onto this in the guidelines on one of the sites :

We are look for science friction in all sup-genre. We are not look for Paranormal romance and horror, fantasy. I like David Weber and John Ringo. My favorite sup-genre of science friction is military Science Friction and space opera. I love good science friction romance too.
Wow. We are look for... And I wonder if "science friction romance" is some sort of Freudian slip.

I actually stopped reading after the first two sentences in the next paragraph:

I'm looking for novelette and novella, short stories. We you send a short stories it need body of e-mail.

Fuck me.

Yeah, I'm adding this one to my to-don't list.

Anyway, a few days ago I posted Chapter 2 of the current draft over at FanStory, and I've just added Chapter 3.

And now, off to work on Chapter 9....

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