Monday, September 15, 2014

New cover for my first novel

I started thinking recently that my books might have a chance of selling more if they had decent covers, instead of the blank-space-with-text I've been using. Don't have the money to commission cover art or buy stock images, but I did find a stock-photo site that allows users to download one free image per month. Last month I picked out an image for Game Over so I'll have one on hand when the book is finished. And today I've updated the cover for Load:

I actually like the way this turned out. The picture was intended to represent engineering/technology concepts, but the image of a shadowy figure holding a city in the palm of its hand fits my overall concept of Neon City quite nicely. Plus, there's the tech angle and also the idea of information being held or transferred.

The changes to the book are processing now, and should be finished within the next twelve hours or so. When the processing is finished, the book will once again be available for purchase on Amazon's Kindle Direct, Smashwords, and Kobo.

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