Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Reactivated" finally finished and submitted

Well, it's done. I finished the second draft of Reactivated, did another run-through to polish it one last time, then I made a cover for it and uploaded it to Kindle Worlds. It should be reviewed within the next couple of days.

Here's the full description I wrote up for the submission:

Several decades from now, the terrorist organization once known as Cobra is long gone and GI Joe finally disbanded. But suddenly, from out of nowhere, former members of GI Joe are targeted for assassination all over the world. The survivors must regroup, prevent assassinations that haven't already gone down, figure out what's happening, and fight back.

Living legends join with new heroes to rebuild the GI Joe unit, merging into it a new organization called Omega Section and adding its personnel and equipment to the team. Together, they find themselves fighting an old enemy suddenly reborn -- Cobra is rising again, and GI Joe has been reactivated.

I'll post an update when I hear from Kindle Worlds. Hoping it'll be good news....

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