Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Character Profile: Boiler

Beornia Hammer, aka "Boiler"
Age: 20
Height: 8 ft
Species: Draconid-type bioengineered anthro
Parents: Jack Hammer (human), Corona (draconid), Taura (minotaur)
Skin: purple, snake-like
Hair: Black, calf-length
Eyes: Red, bioluminescent
Orientation: Bisexual, preference for geeky/nerdy types
Occupation: Fugitive retrieval agent ("chaser")
Story/Novel/Series: Chaser (sample chapters here, here, and here), Load, Fifteen Minutes, Project: Phoenix (rough draft/work in progress)

Bio: Born in a lab after successful mixing of genetic material from her three parents. Inherited her father's personality -- snarky, dark-humored, often profane, always ready for a fight. Nicknamed "Boiler" in school thanks to her quick temper and her ability to hold grudges. Frequently got into trouble in school, usually for giving bullies a taste of their own medicine. Tall, muscular, powerful, and can punch hard enough to shatter a coconut; bullies who picked on her friends rarely risked a second confrontation with her.

She spent two years doing odd jobs after graduating, searching for an occupation that suited her, and chose to become a bounty hunter to satisfy her sense of justice and her built-in need to fight, as well as for the freedom it offered her as an independent contractor. She was accepted into the government-operated Fugitive Retrieval Agency, passed all the training courses, received her license, and succeeded in arresting a particularly vile criminal on her first day on the job.

And that was where things started to go horribly wrong.

Notable quote: "Try that again and you'll end up wearing your asshole around your neck."

Bonus childhood picture:

Sketches by Jessie Fleischfresser

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