Friday, February 6, 2015

"Game Over" submitted

Having finished one last polish on Game Over, I decided to try actually getting it published before I put it on Kindle Direct, Smashwords, and Kobo. I figured, if the rough draft could win the Textnovel Editor's Choice Award for 2015 in the first month of 2015, then the final draft should have a decent shot at publication.

After looking at a list of publishers and comparing the response times, royalty percentages, and so on, I decided to give Vook a try.

Naturally, I screwed up right off the bat. There was a form for inputting my name and email and then uploading the manuscript. I assumed I'd be sent to a page where I could then add a query letter and the first five pages, as that's what the instructions told me to. But nope, the whole manuscript uploaded and then I got a thank-you for submitting the file. So then I put the query and first five pages in a separate file and uploaded it, and now I'm just hoping my submission isn't disqualified because this made me look like I can't follow instructions.

Still, people make mistakes sometimes, and I hope the people receiving the submission understand that.

And now I cross my fingers and wait for a response.

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