Saturday, February 21, 2015

Moving Forward

A few things seem to finally be clicking into place. Game Over has been accepted by Vook and the process is moving along quickly. I sighed the contract a couple of days ago, and it shouldn't be much longer before the book goes live on various websites.

The kinda-sorta sequel to Game Over has been accepted for the paranormal/sci-fi romance box set Lucky Stars. I turned in the final edit last week, and now I'm waiting for the galley proof. So it's pretty much a done deal. The ebook will go on sale March 17 for 99 cents. There'll be a print version as well, but at the moment I don't know what its price will be.

Here's a look at the cover image for my story.

Things are also coming along with Chaser. An artist has started work on the cover illustration, based on the placeholder sketch I used for Boiler's character profile.

And I recently got back to work on Project: Phoenix. Finally. The chapter ended up going on way too long ... not that I'm opposed to long chapters, but this one got ridiculously long. Had to pick a spot to cut it off, even though it wasn't exactly a good cliffhanger. But at least that gives me a bit of a head start on the next chapter. So I'm going through that now and doing some editing before I see where it goes from here.

Also, I have to admit, I wasn't too clear on what direction the rest of the book should take, but recently a couple of ideas popped into my head that I really like. Bwahaha, there's gonna be some emotionally wrenching times ahead for a few of the characters, plus a minor character from Load who will show up and cross the line in a severe way. But that's all I can say about it for now. XD

And finally, I've got a pretty solid handle on the next plot arc for Freelancers. It'll finally start dealing with the stealth ship and its attack on a geth supply ship in an earlier chapter.

Oh, almost forgot to mention something. Finally started talking about my writing on my Facebook page. Held off for a long time because I just hadn't succeeded at getting my foot in the door until just recently. I'll be posting updates there as well as on my Twitter page, and also using it to promote Mission to Bellatrix and the anthology in general, as well as my other works.

So, just a few quick updates for today. Now, back to work on Project: Phoenix ....

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