Monday, March 16, 2015

Going live tomorrow

Thank your lucky stars…

Seven romantic novellas take the reader out of this world and into worlds of sexy heroes and strong feisty heroines. From the stars in futuristic sci fi, to wolf shifters, to Greek gods, to ancient curses and fairy tales, seven of today’s hot romance authors take you on journeys of the heart where the only rule is a happily ever after.

Lucky Charms by Louisa Bacio
Get Lucky with the Unluck of the Irish

Made for Love by Kim Carmichael
She thought she was made for duty when she was really made for love.

The Last Date by Solera Winters
How many dates will it take for her to find love?

Thorne’s Rose by Christine Ashworth
When the rose blooms, love has found its way.

Taming the Beast by Erzabet Bishop
Only true beauty can tame the heart of a beast…

Mission to Bellatrix by Fred T. Kerns
A young adventurer takes the first step on a journey into the unknown.

Submit to Him by Sascha Illyvich
Can Theresa surrender her heart to the alpha strong enough to care for her?

Available for purchase from Amazon, release date March 17, 2015.

Check out the Goodreads page for advance reviews.

Also, support the box set on Thunderclap.

Included in this set is my own story, Mission to Bellatrix.

Kolya Mason, a young adventurer with a badly scarred face, has been hitchhiking on starships for several years. Now, she boards a ship leaving Terran-controlled space for the first time, joining a science team investigating the reappearance of a long-lost spacecraft. She's accompanied by a gorgeous young man who insists on tagging along ... but what's he up to? Is he genuinely attracted to her, or does he have some other agenda?

Features several characters introduced in Game Over.

To be expanded into a full novel.

The wait is almost over ....

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