Monday, March 2, 2015

Uh-huh. Download THIS!

This afternoon I (along with several other authors and Chaser's publisher, Keith Publications) was informed of a website called E-Bookdownload, which has tons of books that can be downloaded for free. Some of KP's authors discovered that their books, published by KP, had been uploaded there without permission and were being downloaded without the authors, editors, cover artists, etc., receiving any compensation. I took a look at the site and found Game Over listed there, and at that time it had been downloaded over 700 times.

That book has been on sale through Vook and has only sold three copies so far. If it's been downloaded that many times without anyone paying me for it, and I find out who uploaded it, that person will be sued into oblivion faster than they can say, "Oh shit!"

The authors in question requested that their books be taken off the site, and I did the same. I then investigated further and found a half-dozen more of my books there as free downloads. My first book, Load, had been stolen over 900 times. I followed up by filing another copyright complaint for all of them. After checking again a few minutes ago, all of my books were gone. The books from other authors mentioned above were also removed.

KP sent a cease-and-desist to the site, and posted a warning on its Facebook page. The FB page has been disabled. It's possible the E-Bookdownloads site might not be around much longer.

Still, here's a heads-up to any other authors who might see this post. Probably be a good idea to check that site and find out if any of your books have been uploaded there without your permission.

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