Friday, May 15, 2015

And a twofer, tonight ...

... because the previous post was so short. Here comes another launch party post ....

Giveaway #3! The winner will get an ebook of Reactivated, the first entry in a series I’m writing for Kindle Worlds.

I started this as an experiment of sorts. I have mixed feelings about the idea of monetizing fanfiction, and for the first year or so Kindle Worlds was operating, none of the properties interested me. But then they added GI Joe to their list, and I decided to give it a try and see what happens. And, as usual, I decided to approach it from a slightly different angle:

Several decades from now, the terrorist organization once known as Cobra is long gone and GI Joe finally disbanded. But suddenly, from out of nowhere, former members of GI Joe are targeted for assassination all over the world. The survivors must regroup, prevent assassinations that haven't already gone down, figure out what's happening, and fight back. Living legends join with new heroes to rebuild the GI Joe unit, merging into it a new organization called Omega Section and adding its personnel and equipment to the team. Together, they find themselves fighting an old enemy suddenly reborn -- Cobra is rising again, and GI Joe has been reactivated.

The contest for this one … what kinds of music get you into the proper mood for whatever kind of project or endeavor you’re gearing up for? Whether it’s writing or painting or drawing or spring cleaning or just tunes to help pass the time on a long drive, what gets you going or mellows you out? Post your answer here, and the winner gets a copy of the ebook – a new take on a battle that’s been waged since the 1980s, with a team of kickass women joined by several living legends from the old days, a budding love triangle between a civilian hacker and his AI girlfriend and a new team member who was born in a Cobra laboratory, and an old enemy reborn in a terrible new form.

I’ll go first. One of my go-to tunes for getting me into the mood to write space opera is called “Suicide Mission,” which is basically the theme song for another of my all-time favorite video games, Mass Effect 2. This version of the song, especially, is absolutely epic. (Be sure to keep your eyes on the video at the 3:15 point, when the imagery goes full-throttle awesome. :D )

And an addendum ... something I discovered after this post was written:

And one more, another one I somehow missed until a few weeks ago. Not the kind of song to get me all pumped up for writing space battles or anything like that, but it's just quite lovely.

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