Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Best Served Cold

First, a bit of Recommended Viewing. Because I <3 revenge ... ;)

And also ...

I like how it started out with the player getting revenge after being attacked for no reason, and then an actual story is starting to emerge in the second video.

And about being attacked for no reason ... that happened to me when I first started playing GTA Online, when the PC version was released. I'd been playing for a grand total of ten or twenty minutes and had only reached level 2 when another (much higher-ranking) player decided to gun me down because I was an easy target. All I wanted at the moment was to explore Los Santos and learn my way around ... and I'm not much into mulitplayer stuff anyway, but liked the idea of creating a character and just roaming around the game environment and seeing what happened. I also have a few vague ideas about doing something creative with it, like making a few videos or just adapting my in-game adventures into stories or a novel or something.

But as I said, I had just started playing, and here comes this asshole out of nowhere who blew me away while I was just walking to a clothing store. I know that's kind of what the game is about, but I was still getting my bearings and hadn't done anything to provoke any other players.

And then the guy showed up again and killed me. Followed by another player who attacked me out of nowhere and killed me. And then the previous guy went after me a third time, but luckily I had just switched into passive mode about two seconds before because I was sick of dealing with that shit. Since he couldn't hurt me at that point, he started following me around and flipping me off.

Meanwhile, all I had was a dinky little pistol and no armor, so I didn't have a chance in hell.

I haven't evened the score ... yet. ;) I've been doing solo sessions exclusively so I could learn my way around and level my character up a little without being harassed by anyone. Maybe I'll go back into multiplayer sometime if any of my friends start playing, and just goof around with them.

But I'm planning to save up enough in-game money to buy a tank, and maybe occasionally I'll hop into multiplayer and cruise around in the tank and wait for someone to try to pick on me. ;) And if I run into that fucker who wouldn't leave me alone that first day, it'll be shoot-on-sight every time he pops up on my radar.

Revenge. Best served cold. XD

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