Monday, May 25, 2015

Introducing Valeria ...

Here's a couple of screenshots of the character I made for Grand Theft Auto Online, named after one of my characters in Freelancers. I'd love it if Badass Longcoats could be added as a clothing option, but I finally managed to put together an outfit that looks pretty good on her. I like the contact lenses I gave her, too. Nice and intimidating.

Still leveling her up and accumulating money to buy the tank, as I mentioned in a previous post. Almost have enough money, but it unlocks at rank 70 and I'm only at 50. I'm also planning to start making videos with her in various gunfights and car chases and whatnot, and uploading them to YouTube. I managed to keep my computer from overheating long enough to record a couple of videos, but the raw files take up a huge amount of hard drive space, so I need to edit them and convert them into smaller file formats before I can record any more. If it all pans out, I might get lucky enough to at least attract a few more viewers, if not actually get to a point where I can make a little money on the side with the videos and maybe even T-shirts and whatnot.

A guy can dream, at least ....

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