Thursday, May 28, 2015

I've officially had enough of my job ...

Just finished my shift a while ago, and ... I dunno, I feel like every little thing is irritating me more than it really should. Possibly all the little annoyances are having a cumulative effect. I just have zero patience with so many things, all of a sudden.

Tonight's high point was a delivery to a hotel near the airport. I knocked on the door and no one answered. I knocked again, and finally a woman told me to wait "a second." Then she kept me waiting for five solid minutes and never opened the door. Then some dude walked up the hallway toward me and said he'd placed the order. He paid for it, then claimed he'd gotten a deal on it and it should cost $XX.XX instead of $YY.YY. Okay, fine. We're currently running that deal, and even if we weren't, when I'm being paid $5/hour, it's just not worth arguing over.

So I gave him the change and he walked off down the hall -- without tipping me -- to a completely different room. And the woman whose room number was on the order? Never came to the door or tried to communicate in any way again.

So ... back to the elevator, then out to my car, and on the way back to the store, this is pretty much what I had running through my mind:

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