Monday, May 11, 2015

Launch Party post #2

So, how did my story in Lucky Stars, “Mission to Bellatrix,” start to come together in my head? Well, a few months ago, I happened across the cinematic trailer for the first Borderlands game – dunno how I missed it way back then, but it slipped right past me. And as I watched, this striking image grabbed my attention.

Within a few minutes, a bunch of ideas clicked together rapid-fire. I kept thinking it over, refining details, and in a few hours I had the basics of a new character. I felt there was something special about this one, and hoped to use her as the central character in a whole series of books. All I needed was a story to start her adventures. Had several false starts and had to focus on my other books for a while.

Couple months ago, I was asked to submit a story for Lucky Stars. For a few seconds, I had no idea where to even start, since I’d never tried to write a romance before. But then I remembered this character, and everything fell into place. Later that evening, I pretty much had the entire story plotted out, and began writing.

I’ve got her character bio on my blog, though I’ve made a few small changes since then. Instead of being burned, her scars were actually caused by debris from the explosion hitting her. And I decided to give her dark skin, since it’s still pretty rare to see a protagonist (at least from what I’ve seen) who isn’t white. Also, I thought very dark skin would make her damaged eye stand out much more.

I figured this character would be perfect for a romance, since we often see gorgeous women falling for men who have scars or are otherwise not what society would consider attractive, but it almost never happens the other way around. So I thought it’d be interesting to reverse the roles and see what happened. Seems to have worked, since the story was accepted, and after a few revisions and refinements, well, here it is. :D

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