Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Launch Party post #3

And here comes the next one of these. As a reminder, the giveaway ended when the launch party finished.

For the first giveaway, my short novel, Game Over. Several of the supporting characters in “Mission to Bellatrix” made their first appearance here. Released recently on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iBook Store, and GoogleBooks – and the winner will receive a copy of the ebook. :D

This new short novel throws Dylan Engstrom into a strange world of adventure, wonder, and terror. There, he finds himself with a group of aliens who have also been brought there to fight their way through an endless series of combat scenarios. They quickly begin working out a way to escape, but will it lead them to freedom, or to even worse danger?

Several of my previous works featured characters involved in three-way romances, but this story steps it up a few notches as the seven protagonists fall in love with each other while finding their way off the planet and back to civilization. The idea sparked in my mind when I read something on TV Tropes a while back about harems in anime, and I decided to take the idea and turn it in a more serious direction rather than just play it for laughs.

This book also sets up the basics of the universe in which “Mission to Bellatrix” takes place – the setting, some of the alien species, the development of artificial intelligence and bioengineered “anthros” on Earth. And several of the characters making their first appearance here – Dylan, Cora, and Grishnag – are supporting characters in “Mission to Bellatrix.”

The rough draft of the book, by the way, won the 2015 Textnovel Editor’s Choice Award, back in January. :D

So, what’s the contest?

Are you a shipper? Is there a particular couple, threesome, or whatever else, that you root for? Canon or non-canon, from a movie or a novel or a short story or a comic book or a TV series or a video game or anything else, post an image of your top pick, and the winner gets the ebook.

And be sure to keep it clean, so Facebook won’t drop the hammer on us for posting inappropriate images. No tube-steak or T&A. ;)

I’ll go first. I’ve never really been one to ship characters … there are only two I’ve ever had strong feelings about. One is Shepard and Tali from the Mass Effect games, but since that became one of the canon romance options in the second game, I don’t need to get all worked up about it. :P

The other? Well, this is one you can blame on the show’s writers, since several times throughout the series these characters had dialogue that couldn’t really be construed any other way. The writers never “went there,” which was disappointing. I figured it could make an interesting story, so I took the idea and ran with it in some of my fanfics.

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