Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Launch Party post #4

From the Facebook Lucky Stars launch party on March 22:

Since the previous post is a good lead-in to this, why not ride the wave? ;) For a sample of my work and a story that mixes action and humor with a sweet, out-of-this-world romance, take a look at my first Transformers Prime fanfic, “Game-Changer.” There’s just something about the show that hooked me from the beginning and held on through its entire run despite its flaws. As previously mentioned, some of the dialogue between these characters put this idea in my head and I couldn’t shake it loose, so I just had to start writing.

My original plan was for them to have a romance without actually “doing the deed,” since Arcee’s species doesn’t have any … equipment capable of that sort of interface. ;) I thought it’d put a unique spin on the romance, and I also figured it’d make a more interesting story if it revolved around a level-headed teenager who isn’t driven by hormones, and loves someone for her mind, her personality, and her ability to kick mind-boggling amounts of ass.

But then I introduced a certain plot point involving much smaller Transformers called Pretenders, who are able to disguise themselves as humans. My idea was to bring in a plot development for one of the characters that would be absolutely horrifying (you’ll know it when you see it), and didn’t think about what it would lead to until later. At which point I finally realized that, with that kind of technology available, Jack and Arcee would … have a lot more options available for intimacy. So, it’ll happen sooner or later … but they’re not rushing it. I wanted them to take their time and not immediately start humping it out, especially since sex is a pretty alien concept for Arcee and her people. So their relationship is progressing slowly, and they’re giving themselves time to become completely comfortable with each other.

But there’ll be plenty of flirting and innuendo along the way. XD

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