Thursday, May 14, 2015

Launch Party post #5

Here comes another one from the Lucky Stars launch party on Facebook two months ago ....

Giveaway #2! This one is for an ebook of my first novel, Load, currently available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Kobo.

First entry in a post-cyberpunk series set a few decades from now in a city built from the ground up by a group of mega-corporations. It follows the adventures of Jack Hammer, a young man with cybernetic eyes; his bioengineered girlfriend, Corona; and their roommate, Taura, as they stumble onto a data-smuggling plot that could cost them their lives before they can find a way out. Meanwhile, their daughter and son arrive from the future on a mission to avert a disaster that destroyed the city and killed millions of people.

The core of this story is the love triangle that develops between Jack, Corona, and Taura, as they find themselves falling deeper into a deadly predicament and trying to dig themselves out of it. It’s a mixture of action, smartass characters, and love both requited and unrequited.

So, the contest. Since I spent the vast majority of my life in towns I didn’t want to live in and couldn’t wait to leave, and finally moved to a place where I’m happy and far more mentally healthy … where are you currently located, and is it where you want to be? If so, what is it about the place that makes you want to stay? And if not, where do you want to go, and what about it is drawing you there?

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