Monday, May 11, 2015

Launch Party Posts ... Revisited

In March I wrote a couple dozen posts for the Lucky Stars launch party on Facebook. Since I wrote up too many of them and there was a limited time slot to fill, only a few of them could be used. So I decided to post them all here over the next few days to help promote the anthology and because I think there's a lot of cool stuff in those posts.

The first post was an introduction -- basically, "Hi, I'm a writer, etc." Since I've talked about being a writer since I started this blog, there probably won't be much new stuff in that one, so I'll put up the second post shortly afterward.

Quick note: The launch party included contests with prizes. Since the giveaways ended when the party drew to a close and the prizes have already been sent to the winners, just disregard the questions ... unless anyone wants to answer them just for the hell of it. XD

Here comes the first post ....

Greetings, programs! :D (I knew I’d reveal myself to be a total dork sooner or later, so why not get it over with right off the bat? ;) So glad you could join us for the Lucky Stars release party. I’ll be your host for the next hour.

My name is Fred T. Kerns – but I’m not big on formality, so just call me Fred. I’ll start off by telling you a little about myself. I grew up in a tiny town near the southern Oregon coast, my parents and I moved to a slightly bigger town closer to the coast, and I lived there until February of 2013. Took me that long to save up enough money to leave – the cold, constantly-rainy climate didn’t agree with me at all, so as soon as I could afford to, I headed for Tucson, Arizona so fast it nearly caused a time warp. ;) And I absolutely love it here – the sunshine, the heat, and the wide-open sky. When I parked in front of my new apartment, I knew I was home. :)

I’ve been a writer since my late teens, having gotten the idea into my head that I could make a living at it. Twenty-five years later, I’m beginning to get my foot in the door. One of my novels, titled Chaser, has been accepted by Keith Publications and is progressing toward release. I’ve got two other novels, an ongoing serialized story, and a short novel on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and other sites. I’ve also been writing some fanfiction for the past several years just for the fun of it and also to get more free samples of my writing out where people can read and hopefully enjoy them.

I grew up watching reruns of the original Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and a whole range of others. And after I finished high school, along came Babylon 5, which remains my all-time favorite show. So you might say I’ve been bitten by the sci-fi bug.

My first few novels are post-cyberpunk, meaning there’s a lot of tech and quite a few tropes found in cyberpunk fiction, but without all the cynicism and doom-and-gloom. The future in my books isn’t that different from the present, just with a few additions such as robots, AI, more advanced computers, genetic engineering, and bigger and better weapons. My writing skews toward action and adventure, with a lot of humor to balance out the drama, and while I haven’t written any steamy romances, my work does tend to have strong romantic relationships at the story’s core. My writing has actually been compared to Firefly a couple of times, which intrigues me because I never even watched the show until a few weeks ago.

During the next hour there’ll be giveaways of my novels, bits of background on my story that’s included in Lucky Stars, character profiles, and much more. As Neil deGrasse Tyson might say … Come with me. :D

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