Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Post #13

And here's another one I wrote for the Lucky Stars launch party. We're getting into some of the posts that weren't used due to the excessive number of posts and the limited time available for my slot.

Over the years I’ve developed a tendency to play around with certain tropes, sometimes subverting them, sometimes inverting them – particularly the ones I think have been overused, so I try to flip them around or turn them at an odd angle. One thing I’ve seen a lot of is, when a story features a romance between a human and an “other” character – werewolf, vampire, alien, robot, “monster,” or some other creature – the female character is usually human and the male is the “other.” For me, it automatically makes the story a little more interesting if those roles are swapped, as I haven’t seen that happen very often.

Two of my favorite pairings to write happen to be characters in my “Freelancers” story. One is an alien called a turian, who was a former elite operative for Special Tactics and Reconnaissance, who met and fell in love with her human husband while making porn vids with him, and later circumstances in the story forced her back into the organization she’d left two years previously. And the other is a good-looking human male who hooked up with a fellow crew member, a young krogan who looks pretty much like this image, only her eyes are emerald instead of blue, and she wears black armor.

Her boyfriend tried to resist at first, but her personality, intelligence, sense of humor, and sheer ass-kickery quickly won him over.

An excerpt from the scene after their first night together:

"Come on in," Dakka's muffled voice called from inside her quarters. 

Chula tapped the hard-light panel in the middle of the door. The panel flickered out and the door slid aside. She and Yutani stepped into Dakka's room and stopped abruptly.

On the bed in the corner, Quint was sprawled on top of Dakka, his head resting on her chest, and her right arm was draped over his back. Both of them were naked and looked kind of dazed.

"Oh," Chula muttered. It didn't occur to them to get dressed before letting us in? 

Yutani tilted her head to the right and raised one eyebrow flap. "Is this the condition Lia referred to as 'fucked silly'?" 

Chula snickered. 

"Hell, yeah!" Dakka thrust her left fist into the air, let her arm plop back to her side, and dissolved into a fit of giggles. 

Chula shook her head, laughed, and used her Omni-Tool to record a still image of the pair. Adorable. "Anyway, we've arrived at Bekenstein and are taking a shuttle down. Wanna come?" 

"We've been coming all night," Quint mumbled with a sleepy grin. 

Dakka laughed again. "We'll meet you at the shuttle in a few minutes, okay?" 

"Sure." Chula and Yutani stepped back into the corridor. As the door closed, she caught a glimpse of Quint and Dakka licking each other's tongues. "Wow." She pointed over her shoulder. "I'm heading down to the shuttle before my visor steams up."

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