Thursday, May 28, 2015

Post #14

Been thinking about making a small announcement here, but I need to head off to work in a few minutes, so I'll post it either tonight after I get home (if I'm not too burned-out by then) or tomorrow.

But for now, here's another post from the Lucky Stars launch party back in March.

Another thing I like to put in my stories is female characters who are total badasses. I’m old enough to have grown up watching things like Saturday morning cartoons that showed women screaming and jumping up onto a kitchen stool if a mouse scurried across the floor, and other shows and movies with women who were always in peril and needing to be rescued. I very much prefer the Ellen Ripleys and Sarah Connors and Nikitas – women who can rescue themselves or even take down the bad guys so they won’t need rescuing at all.

So, related to the previous post and Dakka’s badassery, here’s another excerpt from Freelancers ….


Chula turned and hurried back into the store--just in time to see Leng's blade punch through Dakka's chest and out her back.

No! A cold sensation gripped Chula's heart and suddenly she couldn't breathe. She dropped her swords and pulled out one of her hand cannons.

Smirking, Leng started to pull his sword out--but Dakka clamped her left hand around his and held it there. The smirk vanished, replaced by a look of confusion which quickly turned to fear. He pulled again, but couldn't budge even a millimeter.

He glanced at her huge hand wrapping around his, braced his other hand against her chest, and tried again to yank his blade out. And again, he couldn't move, and couldn't let go. He stared up at her and some of the color drained from his face. His breathing quickened and his mouth fell open.

"Nice blade. Think I'll keep it." Dakka shoved the blade back in, all the way to the hilt, leaned over, and laughed in his face.

He turned white and moaned softly. He continued tugging, but still couldn't break away. He braced his foot on her chest and pulled, straining and groaning, but she held him in place.

She raised her right hand slowly, clenched her fist, and sneered down at him. His mouth twisted into a terrified rictus and he sucked in a trembling gasp.

Oh, holy shit. Chula stared and shook her head slowly.

Dakka finally launched her fist down into Leng's head, ramming it into him with enough force to crack open a slab of granite. The blow produced a sickening crunch and a high-pitched shriek from Leng. Blood squirted from both nostrils and his mouth. He tried to draw a breath and choked.

Dakka cocked her fist back again.

Goddamn. Chula managed to tear her gaze away for a second to check on the rest of Leng's team. Her combat drone still had them pinned down, zapping each one the instant he started to push himself up. She turned back to Dakka and Leng.

Dakka's fist crashed into the side of Leng's head and the left half of his goggles popped out of his shattered eye socket. His shriek became a muffled, gurgling howl.

Finally, she released his hand and he flopped over, sprawling on his side and continuing to moan and howl and gurgle. Dakka pulled the sword out, almost fell across the counter, and coughed.

Chula rushed over to her and reached out to hold her up. "Oh, Keelah," she whispered.

Dakka regained her balance and examined Leng's sword. "Hmm." She shook her head. "Nah, on second thought, it's too small. You can have it back." She casually drove the blade through Leng's remaining goggle, silencing his already weakening cries, and stepped over the body.

"Are you--?"

"I've had worse, believe it or not." Dakka scowled at the body as she headed for the front door. "That guy was a dick."

"According to the file I found after I scanned him, he was one of Cerberus's top operatives."

Dakka raised a brow ridge, stared at her for a few seconds, and snorted. "If you say so."

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