Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Got a bit derailed again over the last few days. Recovering from a cold (which hit the sinus-infection stage a few days ago), work schedule has been all over the place lately, and so on. So here's a couple of my posts from the Lucky Stars launch party to start catching up.


On a related note, here’s a picture of one of the main characters of Freelancers, Chula’Raalga vas Sulaco, done back when I had money to spare for commissions. XD


Here’s another bit of just plain fun. :D There’s an amusing scene in “Mission to Bellatrix” with some of the characters bonding by playing an old (from their point of view) video game. The scene was inspired by a large number of videos I’ve seen, this one being a typical example. (Also, the guy named Ryan already had a reputation for being kinda nuts, and this video cemented it in place. XD )


Giveaway #4! This is for an ebook of the sequel to Load. Jack, Corona, and Taura begin their first job for a dodgy government agency which not only opens a can of worms that they may not survive, but also lands them in the weirdest situation they've ever faced – an audience watching their every move on a reality show streaming over the internet. At the same time, their future-daughter tracks a fugitive wanted for a crime he didn't commit, and finds herself facing down an assassin who can't be killed.

I had a huge amount of fun writing this book, which brings several supporting characters from the first book closer to the foreground, begins a few new romantic relationships and further develops a couple of others, and finally resolves the love triangle among the three protagonists (and since their son and daughter from the future appeared in the first book, you can guess how it turns out ;). This book is more action-packed and has a lot more humor than the previous one, a great deal of the humor coming from the reality show the main trio and a few of their friends find themselves on. Hah, when you have to share a house with a teenage hacker who goes by the name of “Otto Fellatio,” you know hilarity is about to ensue. XD

On to the contest. What’s your favorite series, and what do you love about it? Can be a TV show, a series of novels, a movie trilogy, video game series, or whatever else. I’ll go first. :D

As mentioned in my first post, my all-time favorite TV series is Babylon 5. This show pretty much introduced the concept of the “wham episode,” and in fact, by the time you get to season 4, almost every episode is a wham. It helps that the entire five-year story was plotted out in detail before production began, and despite some hiccups along the way, the whole story holds up really well twenty-plus years later. Being a 1990s TV show, the special effects don’t hold up that well, but the storytelling does. B5 was also the first TV show to use CGI for its space scenes, and was one of the first shows to tell a story over several years instead of hitting the reset button at the end of every episode. And one of the things I love the most about it is that it had a sense of wonder about the galaxy. Space travel wasn’t depicted as casual as driving to a grocery store – there were still mysteries out there, and alien beings who “walked among the stars like giants.”

Heh. As you can see, I still totally geek out over this show, all these years later. XD It’s been a huge influence on my own writing, particularly regarding technology and space travel. Which you can see in “Mission to Bellatrix.” I especially latched on to the idea of “jumpgates” and hyperspace, and similar devices exist in “Mission” and Game Over and other stuff I’ve written.

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