Friday, May 29, 2015

Trying something a bit different

Okay, time for the little announcement I mentioned in a previous post. I've got a new story on Kindle Direct, but I've been debating with myself whether to advertise it much. I don't normally write stuff with a lot of sexual content, beyond some of the characters occasionally having frank conversations about sexual matters. However, I decided to try it because it has a chance of getting my writing in front of an audience that might not discover my other books, which means a chance at bringing in a few more dollars.

I'll be up-front about that. My primary motivation for this is money. Because my financial situation is, quite honestly, frightening. Fairly often, it's pants-shittingly terrifying. Every month for over two years now, I've never been certain if I'll be able to make enough money from my $5/hour job to pay the rent or my other bills for one more month. (And before anyone says, "Just get another job," as if it's never crossed my mind before: I've been trying for two years, and can't even land a job interview. So whenever someone tells me to just get a better job ... well, duh! Because it's really that easy, isn't it? Because I can totally just pick a business, walk up to the front counter any time I want, and say, "I've decided to work here. Put me on the payroll." Yeah. Sure. This is something I've heard frequently, and ... just ... argh. Moving on.)

So I'm trying to find ways to make some money with my writing, which is pretty much all I've got going for me at the moment.

But having said that ... when I decided to try this, I couldn't bring myself to write something completely trashy that was nothing but kinky sex scenes and give it a title like Cum for Bigfoot (which is an actual title, I found out a while back, and I wish I were just making that up). From what I've found while checking into this, I don't know, maybe I could make a huge amount of money if I wrote that kind of stuff. But that's just not me. So I made an effort to just tell a story that has some substance and meaning. A story that's actually about something.

I don't have much of a problem with stories that are about something, and just happen to have some sexual content in them. What I object to is "stories" that exist only for the sex scenes. And that's what I wanted to avoid. I have kind of mixed feelings about this story, but I still think it's actually about something, and not just fap material.

When I decided to try this, I went with the only fully-formed idea I had, which was a character in Freelancers who only appeared in a couple of chapters, but turned out to have a somewhat pivotal role in matters that will affect the whole galaxy (though he's being kept in the dark as to exactly what's going on). I had his background and his general situation worked out, but never planned to use much of it, just keep it in the back of my mind while writing his dialogue and interaction with other characters. So I decided to sort of transplant him and his "adventures" into my original works, and change a few of the details because Freelancers is fanfiction. So the character of Trent Lockwood is basically the same one in Freelancers, and his alien assistant/bodyguard/girlfriend Rhoa is mostly the same, though she's a different species in the original story. In Freelancers, she was an asari; in this story, her species is called mulathi, and it's the species Syala is in Game Over. The mulathi colony planet Tevsa is basically a stand-in for the asari colony Illium, and so on. When Freelancers!Trent first appeared, he had some dialogue describing how he ended up in his chosen career, and that's the event this new story fleshes out.

So, here's Wrong Place, Right Time, the story of how Trent found himself in this situation completely by accident and decided to go along with it because he figured he'd be a fool not to. I'm planning to write a series of these stories, if they sell well enough. It's set in the same universe as Game Over and "Mission to Bellatrix" (in the Lucky Stars box set), which are in the future of my Neon City novels' setting. So the characters appearing here might show up in my other works, as well.

Anyhoo, check out the sample available on its Amazon page, and if you like it, the full story is only 99 cents.

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