Monday, June 8, 2015

Launch Party posts 18 - 20

Okay, back to the Lucky Stars launch party. The next few posts were pretty short, so I'm putting three of them in this entry.

Post #18

Here’s another project I’m working on. On YouTube, I’m posting a series of videos in which I discuss writing in general and my novels and stories in particular, using Mass Effect 2 as a springboard for said discussion. I’m planning to continue the series, if only my computer would stop overheating and shutting down every time I start recording a video. :P

Post #19

Here’s a thing I had a huge amount of fun with, a one-shot Freelancers story focusing on Valeria Terakkis, the turian elite operative mentioned in a previous post. This was written after a friend asked me to teach her how to write action scenes, so I started coming up with ideas and had to start writing them down. This story is also a sneak peek at a subplot I’m planning to introduce in Freelancers at a later date.

Valeria walked away from her previous job partly because she didn’t agree with things certain fellow operatives did on their missions, and partly because she’s kind of afraid of what she’s capable of, herself. But when her husband and her parents and siblings are kidnapped by an old enemy using them to get to her, she willingly unleashes the monster inside her, and it’s not long before the villain realizes he’s made a terrible mistake.

Post #20

And related to the previous post … As a “lesson” in writing action, I took the whole story linked in the previous post, put it in a blog entry, and added tons of contextual comments into it – advice on how to go about writing action. One specific bit of advice: show your character analyzing her environment, working out her strategy, and using objects within her reach whenever necessary. Basically, “if it’s not nailed down, it’s a weapon, and if she can pry it loose, it’s not nailed down.” :D 

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