Friday, June 12, 2015

Much better ...

I'm getting addicted to this game. O_o

Finally got the Stargazer variant to "stick" yesterday. Dunno what was going on, but at least it worked. Then I ranked up to Tier 4 and had to choose another ship.

Anyway, here's a shot of the ship, captain, and bridge crew, followed by a few more of the ship.

Played through the Doomsday Machine mission yesterday, and I just have to say ... fuck that mission. I've never been blown up as many times in any game, ever, as I was during that one.

Anyway. Made it to Tier 4, and ended up choosing a Galaxy class ship despite hating the way it looks. Luckily, one of the variants is at least ... tolerable. Not one of my favorites, but I disliked it less than the others. Still kind of goofy-looking, but ... eh, what can ya do? So here's the USS Normandy.

So ... that happened. Really need to cut down the time I spend on this game so I can get some things done. Especially writing. Need to finish one of my current works in progress and see if I can get it into the Kindle Scout program.

Speaking of writing, Chaser appears to finally be approaching the end of the publication process. After two and a half years, it got an editor who sent me his notes a week or so ago, I did the rewrite and sent it back, and now he's submitting it for the final proofreading. So, looks like it's almost a done deal now. Yay for that, at least.

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