Monday, July 13, 2015

New CPU cooler and new video

After several years of my computer's processor overheating and shutting down, I finally couldn't stand it anymore, and installed a closed-loop liquid cooling system. A little under a week ago, it did the overheat/shutdown thing and then wouldn't reboot. I had to run a startup repair to get it working, and that freaked me out a little. I figured I should get it over with while I actually had enough money. Cleaned out my savings account to do it (grand total of $59, which is sad in itself). Still kind of feel like I shouldn't have spent the money, but the overheating problem seems to have been solved now, so a little peace of mind is worth the expense.

Now I can start catching up on a few things I haven't been able to do recently for fear of having the computer shut down right in the middle of something. Like this:

More to come soon.

Also, I'm thinking about trying to broadcast on Twitch again, if I can get the software to work. Last time I tried it, I could never get it to work. Going to try different broadcast software this time and see what happens.

For future reference, the link to my stream:

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