Thursday, October 22, 2015

An End and a Beginning

Well, the Kindle Scout campaign for Project Revenant was a total failure. It closed on Oct. 19, the book was in review for a couple of days, and then they sent me the email telling me that it wasn't selected. I checked the stats and there was a burst of nominations on the very last day that finally put the book on the Hot & Trending list ... for eleven hours. Better than Game Over, which never made it on that list at all, with nearly twice as many page views ... but still.

So I decided to try something else with Revenant. I posted the first five chapters on Inkshares and launched the pre-order campaign. If it gets 750 pre-orders, it'll be published by Inkshares as an ebook. 1,000 pre-orders will get it published as an actual, physical, paperback as well as an ebook.

Given how these things almost always work out for me, I can't help being pessimistic about my chances. But all I can do is keep trying. At least this one runs for 90 days instead of 30 (well, now there are 89 days left). So I'll be advertising this wherever I can find a place to plug it.

The first five chapters are posted and are free to read. If you like it and want to see it published, it can be pre-ordered right there on the page. If you'd like to see more sample scenes, there are a few in previous blog entries further down this page. The final draft is already finished, so it can go straight into the publication process after the campaign ends, provided it gets enough pre-orders.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on chapter five of Uncharted Territory, despite running into writer's block due to having too many worries on my mind. I'm hoping to have the latest chapter finished and posted within the next couple of days, if nothing goes horribly wrong. I'm posting this one on Inkshares as well, but I'd prefer not to launch its campaign until I at least have the rough draft finished. Ideally, I'd finish that, launch the campaign, and then revise and polish it over the next 90 days, and have the final draft done before the campaign ends.

I'll post more updates as they happen.

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