Monday, October 26, 2015

Corona Borealis concept art

Here's something cool I found when looking through some folders filled with old files on my hard drive. Many, many years ago, back when I was working on my first novel, Load, I commissioned an artist friend (Mike Garcia -- damned good artist, but I lost touch with him several years ago and haven't been able to find him online) to do a drawing of one of the main characters, Corona Borealis. Back then, I had a very different idea of what she looked like, but Mike drew more than a half-dozen concept sketches and this one really caught my attention. The drawing was never finished, but this sketch completely changed my mind about what she looked like. I tweaked a few small details, such as retaining the spikes on the end of her tail, from the previous version, but for the most part, this image is the idea I decided to go with.

Corona also appears in the sequel, Fifteen Minutes, and the third volume, Project Revenant -- which is open for pre-order on Inkshares. The first five chapters are posted there and can be read for free.


In other publishing news, this evening I received the final edit for Chaser and a form to fill out and send back. Just waiting on cover art. So the book is finally getting into the home stretch.

One last quick thing. Earlier this evening I uploaded another video in my How Not to Tell a Story series. This one ends rather abruptly because the game crashed (again). If I didn't know better, I'd start to think it's doing this deliberately because I'm criticizing it so harshly. O_o

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