Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Delays and power outages and equipment malfunctions, oh my!

So, I was planning to make a video for the Project Revenant Kindle Scout campaign, but a bunch of real-life stuff got in the way. Still hoping to get it done sometime in the next few days, but since I've spent most of my life being Murphy's Law's favorite chew toy, there's no guarantee that something else might derail it.

Couple days ago, my keyboard (a backlit mechanical keyboard that I got four or five years ago and absolutely loved) went haywire. Couldn't type anything, and random characters started appearing in the browser's address bar and the text field of my word processor. I figured a reboot would clear it up, but when the login screen came up, the computer wouldn't even recognize the keyboard. I found my old keyboard in the closet and plugged it in, and the computer wouldn't recognize it, either. Rebooted again, and nothing changed. Kept trying to get into the accessibility options and bring the on-screen keyboard up so I could at least boot the computer, but it kept freezing each time. Reboot, try again, freeze, reboot, repeat. Finally managed to get it to work, typed in the password, and the computer booted. It still wouldn't recognize the keyboard, so I had to keep repeatedly unplugging it and plugging it back in. Finally got it working, but only after spending most of the day on it.

Needless to say, all of that kind of fucked up my fung-shui.

Last night I decided to record another video in my Mass Effect 2 Playthrough and Writing Discussion series, going through the Horizon mission and getting rather frustrated at getting beat to death multiple times by husks. Then I recorded another in the How Not to Tell a Story series, discovering in the process that the crash last time wiped out a lot of the progress I'd made and set me back to just after I finished the first conversation with Battletits in the Citadel docking area. So I'll need to edit that one and cut out a huge chunk where I basically had to go through the same cutscenes from the previous video to catch up to where the last one left off.

And then the game crashed while I was upgrading some weapons. Second time in a row Mass Effect 3 has crashed while doing one of these videos. If it keeps happening, maybe I can turn it into a humorous bit of business to finish each video with. When it happened last time, the capture software continued long enough to record me saying, "The fucking game crashed!" just before it cut off. And this time, it kept going long enough for me to realize the game had frozen, and cut off right after I snarled, "Goddamn it!" So I might actually be able to turn that to my advantage if it keeps happening.

Last night I started uploading the Writing Discussion video, and left it running overnight. Still had about three hours to go this morning. Then a thunderstorm hit and the power got knocked out for a split-second, just long enough to shut the computer down. This was a nearly nine-gigabyte file I was uploading, and it was about ten minutes from completion when the power cut out, and I can't resume the upload. I'll have to start over. And because my internet provider limits upload/download to 100 gigabytes every month, by the time I finally get the video uploaded, I will have used up almost 20% of my monthly allotment ... and half of it was for nothing.

Anyway ... here's a look at the image I'm using for the video's thumbnail.

In other news, I'm playing around with a new version of the Uncharted Territory cover image. There's a big empty space in the middle of the image, so I'm trying to insert a spacecraft into it. Got a stock image with a ship flying over a landscape, copied the ship out, inserted it into the cover, and now I'm delicately erasing everything except the ship and hoping it won't end up looking like shit. And of course, I was also in the middle of that when the power cut.

So that's a snippet of what's going on right now. I've probably forgotten a few things I was planning to mention here. Soon as I post this, I'm pouring yet another cup of coffee and hoping it'll overcome the effects of the rampant insomnia I've been going through during the last few months. >_<

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