Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Free for a limited time ...

As part of the promotional efforts for Project Revenant's pre-order campaign on Inkshares, the previous three entries in the Neon City series, the novels Load and Fifteen Minutes, as well as the novella Downtime (which is set between the two books) will be free to download beginning October 29. For the next five days, the Kindle versions of all three books will be available for no charge.

Pick up the first three adventures to see how events led up to Project Revenant, then hop over to Inkshares to pre-order the newest story featuring the trio of Jack Hammer, Corona, and Taura, plus the ongoing subplots involving their friends Otto Fellatio, Shakira, Lola Ramirez, and the rest of the Justice Foundation.

Neon City: Home to fifty million cyborgs, genetically-engineered chimeras, robots, AIs, and plain old humans. Built from the ground up by a group of mega-corporations to push technology past the bleeding edge. Started off as the beginning of a bright, new future, but now the future is no longer what it used to be.

Jack Hammer: A surly young man with cybernetic eyes and a lousy job.

Corona Borealis: Jack's girlfriend, a bio-engineered bipedal dragon created for military use, who now makes a living as freelance muscle.

Taura Agenor: Their roommate, a bio-engineered minotaur who would rather hack software than fight.

One little mistake: A moment of poor judgment lands them in deadly trouble, and the way out could get them killed just as easily.

Jack, Corona, and Taura are ordered to lay low for a few days while waiting for the dust to settle after the events of Load. Set between that book and Fifteen Minutes, this novella offers a glimpse into their off-duty lives.

In the sequel to Load and Downtime, Jack, Corona, and Taura begin their first job for a dodgy government agency which not only opens a can of worms that they may not survive, but also lands them in the weirdest situation they've ever faced--an audience watching their every move. At the same time, their future-daughter tracks a fugitive wanted for a crime he didn't commit, and finds herself facing down an assassin who can't be killed.

All three books will be available for free from October 29 through November 2. See how these characters got to where they are now, and then pre-order Project Revenant to find out where they go from here.

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