Thursday, October 8, 2015

Funny scene from Project Revenant

Here's another snippet from my latest novel, Project Revenant. The Kindle Scout campaign ends in nine days, but there's still time to nominate the book. If it gets enough votes, it'll be published, and everyone who nominated it will receive a free advance copy

In the following scene, Jack Hammer and his bioengineered girlfriends, on a case for the Justice Foundation, attempt to question a suspect who doesn't exactly have an overabundance of brainpower.

"Casey Smith?" Jack held his ID up.
"Huh?" The suspect stared at Jack with a dull, slack-jawed expression, as if barely able to comprehend what was in front of him. His mullet, mustache, and four buck teeth didn't make him look any smarter. "Who the hell are you?"
"We're with the Justice Foundation." Jack nodded over his shoulder at Taura, who smiled politely and held up her ID. "We need to ask you a few questions."
His dull eyes opened a little more, taking on the deer-in-the-headlights look. "Uh. Sure. Okay." His gaze turned shifty-eyed, and Jack swore he could hear the gears turning in the guy's head. Rusty gears that had all but seized up from a lifetime of disuse, but still.
He's gonna bolt. Jack prepared to shove his boot through the doorway.
Smith slammed the door. Jack lunged and it hit his foot. Smith turned to run, but Jack threw the door open and bounced it into him. Smith stumbled forward, dashed around the front counter of his used-parts shop, and paused to topple over a shelf packed with circuit boards, memory modules, and other components.
Taura vaulted over the counter and swiped at him. He ducked and she missed him by a fraction of an inch. He ran through the door behind the counter and tried to slam it in her face, but she forced it open with a casual push. The door hit him with enough force to send him staggering to the end of the hallway.
Jack hopped over the shelf and charged after them. He caught up with Taura as she and Smith raced around the corner and down another hallway to a door leading into the alley behind the shop.
"Back door," Taura said into her comlink.
"On it," Corona answered.
Smith yanked the door open and launched himself through it. He turned to the left and ran through the alley.
Corona dropped from a rooftop across the alley and came down in a three-point landing ten feet ahead of him. He let out a terrified shriek and tripped over his own feet, pitched forward, and ate shit just as Taura and Jack caught up to him.
Corona remained in a crouch and waited for Smith to pick himself up. When he looked up at her, she grinned, bearing her sharp, pointed teeth. Smith tried to scream, but what came out was more of a really loud sigh.
"Going somewhere?" Corona stood and flexed her huge muscles.
He turned to run to the opposite end of the alley, but found Jack and Taura blocking his path.
Jack pulled a zip-tie from his pocket. "No, he's not."

Check out Project Revenant's Kindle Scout page to read the full first chapter plus a sample of the second. And remember, with enough nominations it'll be published and readers will score a free copy.

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