Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Modified version of the Uncharted Territory cover image

Still fiddling around with the cover image for Uncharted Territory. Thought it needed something in that huge, empty space in the middle, so I picked up another stock image, copied the spaceship out, and pasted it over the background. Not sure if it's an improvement. The ship looks pretty obviously 'shopped in. It was even worse originally, but I darkened the ship a little and made it blend in a bit better ... but I'm still not sure it works. But maybe that's because I know it was added in ... maybe it's not as noticeable for anyone else ....

On other stuff ... going to record one or two more videos tonight, one for the ME2 Writing Discussion and the other for my How Not to Tell a Story series. Also working on notes for the Kindle Scout video and hoping the campaign doesn't end before I actually get it finished. Might just do the writing discussion video and then focus on the notes, depending on how things go tonight.

And finally, going to make another attempt at uploading the video that got borked by the power outage ....

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