Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Amusing scene from "Chaser"

In the midst of everyday-life stuff continuing its relentless monopolization of my free time, I really need to ramp up my promotion of books like Chaser and Project Revenant. So here's a humorous excerpt from the former that serves as a bit of comic relief in the middle of a very tense situation.

I locked my phone around my wrist, selected a glowing turquoise diamond pattern for its bracelet mode, and lowered myself carefully onto the couch. "That was pretty much what I expected it to be."
"Heh," Shadow said softly, still cuddling her kitten. "I could hear your dad yelling from across the room when you first told him what was going on."
"Yeah, he's always had a bit of a temper. That's where I got mine from." I shrugged. "Like I said to 'em, I'd freak out just as much if I had a kid who went through the same thing."
"You're lucky to have parents like them."  She smiled ever so slightly. "I wonder all the time what it might be like to have that."
"Both of my moms wondered the same thing until Dad's parents accepted them and their relationship."  I grinned and nudged Shadow's shoulder. "All you have to do is marry one of the guys in your harem and you won't have to wonder about it anymore."
She managed a brief laugh. "I don't think settling down with one or two guys is in my nature."
A knock at the door made both of us nearly launch into orbit. My gun was in my hand before I even realized I was going to draw it. Shadow clutched Caboose to her chest and stood, staring at the door and backing away slowly.
I held my free hand up, motioning for her to remain calm, and crept up to the door.
Otto's head phased through it and grinned at me.
"Yeeeeeaaaaaahh!"  I lurched backward and whacked the back of my head on the ceiling.
"Hi. It's only m—"
"You sawed-off little shit!" I snapped, rubbing my head and dislodging a handful of stucco from my hair. I glanced up and found a head-size dent in the ceiling.
Otto vanished, as if something had yanked him backward.
"Sorry about that," Shakira's voice came from the speaker beside the door. "He's in his forties, looks like a teenager, and often acts like a pre-pube."
Shadow let out a long moan and collapsed onto the couch.
Caboose continued purring away as if nothing had happened. He was one of the sweetest kitties I'd ever met, but he was also hopelessly stupid. He still had a tendency to fall asleep in his litter box, months after the point where he should've figured out that it wasn't a bed.
I unlocked the door and yanked it open. "Real fuckin' funny, Otto."
He grinned again. "Sometimes I just can't help myself. What can I say, I'm an adultolescent."
"I can think of a few less-flattering terms."  I moved aside and waved my hand. "Come on in."
He walked past me, followed by Sledge, with Shakira bringing up the rear.
"Hey, I really am sorry about that," Otto said. "I didn't expect you to shove your head through the ceiling."
I grumbled and pointed at the couch. "Have a seat."  I took the armchair on Shadow's left.
"How's it goin'?" Sledge said to Shadow.
"I almost died several times last night, but other than that, I guess I'm okay."  She shivered and kept stroking Caboose. He purred loud enough to be heard at the far end of the hall.
"Yeah."  She shrugged. "I'll get over it, I guess."  She looked at him and let out a small chuckle. "Nice shirt."
I leaned over to take a look at the front of Sledge's black T-shirt, which had the phrase, "I'D RATHER BE MASTURBATING," on the front. I shook my head. "Classy."
"It was a gift from Otto," he said with a sheepish grin.
"Never would've guessed."  I rolled my eyes and turned my attention to the other new arrivals. "So, can you guys stick around a while?"
"Actually, yeah, if you wouldn't mind."  Shakira smiled and shrugged one shoulder.
"Your parents kinda asked us to hang around and help out if anyone busts in on you."
"Ah. They wanted you to babysit me, is that it?"
"They did want to make sure you stay put, yeah."  Otto aimed one of his grins at Sledge. "It'll give me a chance to kick your ass at Halo: Reach again."
"Hey, that's not fair," Sledge said. "The games you're into are so damned old, how can you expect me to be any good at 'em right off the bat? It'll take me a while to descend to your skill level."
"Oh!"  Shakira winced. "Let the pissing contest begin."
Chaser is available now from Amazon. While you're at it, check out Project Revenant over on Inkshares. The whole book is there to read for free until its preorder campaign ends. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Links to all of my books

Had a couple of links to add, so here's the updated list of my published books and stories, plus works in progress.

First, links to my website, Twitter, and Facebook pages, followed by two new additions to the list:

Everything went straight to hell after Boiler’s first day on the job.

Her first assignment for the Fugitive Retrieval Agency went off without a hitch. With her bounty-hunting career off to a fantastic start, she planned to celebrate first with her family, then later with a pair of her high-school crushes, hoping one thing would lead to another, before accepting her next gig in the morning. There was nowhere to go from here but upward and onward.

But only a few hours later, fallout from that first success dropped on her like a meteorite, and her whole world imploded on her. Targeted by a vengeful local crime lord, the hunter became the hunted. With bounty hunters, assassins, and mercenaries coming after Boiler, her family, her friends, and her two lovers, there’s no safe place on Earth. Their flight takes them to the jumpgate and starship construction station in orbit above Io, where they lay low and hope the situation back home blows over. There, Boiler slowly finds her place on the station’s security team, makes new friends, and begins to build a new life with her boyfriend and girlfriend.

But even five hundred million miles from Earth, Boiler can't remain hidden forever.

Five-star review and interview.

Uncharted Territory
Kolya Mason, a young woman with a badly scarred face and an adventurous spirit, has been hitchhiking on starships for several years. Now, she boards a ship leaving Terran-controlled space for the first time, joining a science team investigating the reappearance of a long-lost explorer ship and the dead planet it's currently orbiting. Kolya is accompanied by a gorgeous young man who insists on tagging along ... but what's he up to? Could he be genuinely interested in her, or does he have his own agenda? And if the latter, how long before his past catches up to him?

Sequel to Game Over, featuring the protagonists of that book. Work in progress. Full-length novel based on the short story "Mission to Bellatrix" listed below. I'm posting it on Inkshares as each chapter is finished, and planning to launch its preorder campaign once the whole book is finished. Available to read for free for the duration of its time on Inkshares.

And the rest of my books ....


First novel in a post-cyberpunk series set a few decades from now in a city built from the ground up by a group of mega-corporations. It follows the adventures of a young man with cybernetic eyes, his bioengineered girlfriend, and their roommate, as they stumble onto a data-smuggling plot that could cost them their lives before they can find a way out. Meanwhile, their daughter and son arrive from the future on a mission to avert a disaster that destroyed the city and killed millions of people.

A novella taking a humorous look at three newly-recruited government agents in a love triangle in their off-duty hours. Set between the novels, Load and Fifteen Minutes

Jack, Corona, and Taura are ordered to lay low for a few days while waiting for the dust to settle after the events of Load. This story offers a glimpse into their off-duty lives--how they deal with their temporary home (a safe house that might be best described as a "fixer-upper"), what they do to pass the time, and the growing love triangle between the three of them.

Fifteen Minutes
In the sequel to Load, Jack, Corona, and Taura begin their first job for a dodgy government agency which not only opens a can of worms that they may not survive, but also lands them in the weirdest situation they've ever faced--an audience watching their every move. At the same time, their future-daughter tracks a fugitive wanted for a crime he didn't commit, and finds herself facing down an assassin who can't be killed.

Project Revenant
The Justice Foundation investigates a weapons manufacturer's attempt to convert corpses into disposable super-soldiers. Sequel to Load and Fifteen Minutes, currently in a preorder campaign on Inkshares. Available to read for free for the duration of the campaign.

An ongoing serialized story: A space station's maintenance crew and part of its security team are zapped through a space/time rift and stranded somewhere across the stars.
All volumes available on Kindle, beginning with Vol. 1.

Game Over
Dylan Engstrom awakens in a strange place and finds himself surrounded by aliens. Before he can begin to understand what happened, he and a few others are forced to fight in a series of combat scenarios. They form a strong bond during their traumatic experiences, but still must figure out what's happening and escape before they're all killed ... again ... and again ... and again .…

Google Books
Barnes & Noble

Five-star review and interview.

GI Joe: Omega Section, Vol. 1 – Reactivated
Several decades from now, the terrorist organization known as Cobra is long gone and GI Joe disbanded. But suddenly, from out of nowhere, former members of GI Joe are targeted for assassination all over the world. The survivors must regroup, prevent assassinations that haven't already gone down, figure out what's happening, and fight back.

Living legends join with new heroes to rebuild the GI Joe unit, merging into it a new organization called Omega Section and adding its personnel and equipment to the team. Together, they find themselves fighting an old enemy suddenly reborn -- Cobra is rising again, and GI Joe has been reactivated.

Kindle Worlds

Mission to Bellatrix
Kolya Mason, a young adventurer with a badly scarred face, has been hitchhiking on starships for several years. Now, she boards a ship leaving Terran-controlled space for the first time, joining a science team investigating the reappearance of a long-lost spacecraft. She's accompanied by a gorgeous young man who insists on tagging along ... but what's he up to? Is he genuinely attracted to her, or does he have some other agenda?

Novelette previously published in the sci-fi/paranormal romance anthology Lucky Stars. Currently being expanded into the full-length novel Uncharted Territory, listed above.


Wrong Place, Right Time
One hot summer night in the spaceport city of Gos Duronan on the planet Tevsa, populated by the alien mulathi and a handful of other species, Trent Lockwood began a typical night of exploring the city his family had moved into a few months previously. Tonight, however, he had no idea what was in store. Wandering into the wrong part of town at the exact right moment, he found himself presented with an opportunity that he'd be a fool to pass up. So began the adventures of an alien gigolo .…