Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mass Effect: Andromeda contest entry

So, YouTube channel MassEffectFollowers has been running a monthly contest with a copy of Mass Effect: Andromeda as the prize. The question for this month caught my interest, so I decided to give it a try.

I'm still waiting to find out whether it's a good story or not before I actually buy it ... but I'd feel a whole lot better about getting the game if I didn't have to pay for it, heheh.

My three picks for the ideal team:

Matriarch Aethyta, because she's a total badass who can headbutt a krogan across the room without flinching, and after being around for 1,000 years, she's got to have some serious tactical skills. Also because she's sexy as all hell. And because she should've had more screen time in the games, damn it. The Normandy has a bar in one of the observation lounges, so she'd be bartender when she's not kicking ass on missions.
Eve/Bakara, because she's strong, tough, and knows how to use a shotgun. But at the same time, she's calm and level-headed and actually sounds friendly during conversations rather than angry or threatening. She'd be useful on missions because she thinks things through rather than charge full-speed-ahead like most krogan, but when it comes time to kill every last motherfucker in the room, she'd pull out a pair of M-300 Claymore shotguns and do this.
EDI, to handle the team's hacking needs. Her skills and her newly-acquired mobile platform's resilience and agility make her a tremendous asset in the field. Her growing sense of compassion, loyalty to her friends, and disgust toward the Reapers not only make her a good person to have watching your back, but would also go a long way toward demonstrating to organics that AI isn't always a crapshoot.
And all three should be romance options (I'd feel bad about taking her away from Joker, but she could get a second body and, um, multitask). All at the same time, ideally. XD
Ahem. Excuse me …
I'll be in my bunk.
Heh. Joking aside, I should add a couple of notes.

I think Bakara would make for a really interesting romance subplot because it'd be a fairly new and different approach to the subject matter. Almost all of the options in the series so far have been hotter than hell in one way or another. Even though we couldn't see Tali's face, her body was easy on the eyes, and her personality is what won me over. Female Shepard had Garrus, so that came pretty close to what I'm talking about, but there really wasn't a similar option for Male Shepard. I think Bakara would've been a great way to show a romance that didn't start with, or depend on, physical attraction. It would've been a chance to show two characters making an intellectual and emotional connection first, and if physical appearance even became a factor, it wouldn't have happened until after that bond formed.

As for EDI, I should add that there'd be nothing stopping her from acquiring a third physical body to "interact" with Samantha Traynor. Given Joker's personality, I doubt he'd object.

Anyhoo, this just came out of my tendency to attempt to avoid double-standards when it comes to romantic relationships in fiction.

But there you have it, my entry in this month's contest. Now I just wait and see what happens when the contest ends ....