Monday, December 12, 2016

Another Mass Effect: Andromeda Contest Entry

[dork] ;)

I decided to enter MassEffectFollower's December giveaway contest ....

The comment I posted:
Aside from the exploration and meeting a whole new cast of characters, what I'm looking forward to the most is Vetra. She was only onscreen for a few seconds, but that was enough to leave a hell of an impression. This is all speculation, of course, but her pose when she was leaning on the rail in that one shot suggested that she's not only tough, but also calm, sure of herself, and confident in her abilities to the point where she doesn't feel a need to telegraph it. Which would be a refreshing change from characters who are always boasting about how badass they are and walking around threatening people.
I could easily see Vetra just going about her business, being attacked suddenly, and just casually taking the enemy squad out, then immediately going back to thinking about something mundane, like reminding herself to do the laundry later, or something, as if it barely registers for her that she just beat the holy horsepiss out of a dozen mooks.
Or, imagine a scene with her and Ryder walking through a crowded outpost, talking about nothing important -- when suddenly, seemingly for no reason at all, she spins around and punches a rando in the back of his skull. He hits the ground like a sack of wet shit while Ryder freaks out and yells, "What the HELL?!" Vetra then plucks something from the guy's hand, holds it out to Ryder, and says, "He lifted your wallet. So, where were we ...?"
If Vetra turns out to be that kind of character, or even similar enough, it'll be worth the price of admission all on its own. But whatever kind of personality she ends up having, I'm eager to have her in my squad. :D
Especially if she's a romance option. <3 
[/dork] XD

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